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Sea Ice Motion Analysis

Tags Motion Tracking, Optical Flow
A method for high resolution and accurate motion estimates of the sea ice field
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Sea Ice Lead Detection

Tags Neural Nets, Boundry Detection
A deep learning approach for sea ice lead detection from visible and C-band images
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Sea Ice Image Database

Tags Big Data, Database
A web app for the analysis of sea ice rasters captured by the PSITRES camera system
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Tags Camera System, Stereo
A 3D camera system build by VIMS Lab to quantitatively measure sea ice
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AI/ML for Sea Ice Image Analysis

Our team is developing deep learning and machine learing models for
sea ice image analysis. We have designed methods for motion tracking,
lead detection, and segmentation of sea ice images.

Arctic Sea Ice Database

We have developed an online database system to serve cruise-based spatiotemporal Big Data on sea ice. It also serves as a collaborative
platform for the discovery of open-source methods analyzing sea ice.

3D Camera and VR Systems

PSITRES is a 3D camera system designed and built by the University of
Delaware's VIMS lab. The system is built to be mounted on icebreakers
to quantitatively measure sea ice.


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